The way I see it…

The way I see it…

THAT was the year that was? So, what else is new?

looking back 2017 was an unremarkable year,world leaders come and went,nothing different there. Mugabe’s reign fizzled out, without nothing more than a whimper.

Mugabe had been in charge of Zimbabwe for almost four decades, but when he was finally pushed he had left almost nothing for his people, except a huge bank balance salted away, much to the amusement of the worlds banks, who will prosper on the interest.

So, we can we really dismiss last year, yes almost with an unremarkable blink of an eye? Until the last few weeks of the year, then suddenly it has thrown up several interesting questions to give a kick start to 2018, making it a possibility of becoming more remarkable than the last.

Over the last few days of this year, Iran could be teetering on the brink of imploding, thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets, chanting venom at the establishment, many workers are impoverished after job losses, as their religious leaders led by infamous cleric leader Khomeini have failed to deliver the changes of modernisation that had been promised, this looks as if it has finally driven thousands of the Iranian people onto the streets, so far at least 12 people have been killed with the possibility of more, as armed protesters attempted to take over police stations and military bases, the regime may find the ground swell of the thousands of demonstrators too heavy a burden to survive if the military changes sides.

This would of course please much of the western world especially America, and Israel who believe quite rightly that Iran has been stirring the pot of the Middle Eastern cauldron for too long.

Also just recently many world leaders gasped in chagrin when Donald Trump decided that he would move the American embassy to Jerusalem, this meant the recognition that Jerusalem was the Capital of Israel, Israel can prove that Jerusalem has been theirs for over 2000 years, however this decision has caused a more than normal anti-western and anti-Israeli feeling in the Arab world, even Jordan once a western loophole of the Middle East, has now closed ranks by signifying their resentment to Americas decision to accept Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, this new year will not be the last we will hear of this matter.

The other big question for this year will be the on- going stand-off with North Korea as they keep pushing their luck, the question is how long will Trump wait before he responds to Kim Jong-un continued rocket tests, in his new year speech Kim boasts that he will continue to mass produce nuclear weapons, and the nuclear button on his desk is only inches from his fingers, we can only hope Donald Trump’s patience remains tempered and held in place by his military advisors, but don’t blink.

Spain again will figure in this year’s equation when pollsters vote again in the spring, the independence of Cataluña will continue to irritate the steadfast government of Madrid, how will this end is anybody’s guess.

By spring this year will see just one more year to the end of the dreaded Brexit, as by March 2019 Britain will walk away (hopefully) break out and wave flags. Then the E.U. have to ask all their members of the Union to pay more to make up a short fall that Britain will no longer have pay, don’t say I did not warn you.

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