This week in Germany – Firework blast tragedy

Firework blast tragedy

NEW YEAR celebrations in Germany left two people dead, a child injured and five people requiring amputations due to accidents with fireworks. A 35-year-old man and a 19-year-old died when fireworks – believed to be the ‘Polish rocket’ which contains more explosive than normal – went off in their faces.

Inflation slowing down

INFLATION in Germany slowed slightly in December but was still ahead of forecasts made by the European Central Bank for the second month in a row.  Consumer prices in the country rose by 1.7 per cent year-on-year according to figures from Destatis.

Ben and Emma are top kiddies

FOR THE seventh year in a row, Ben is still the most popular name for boys, with Emma taking over the top spot for girls…replacing Mia that lead the list in 2016.  Jonas, Leon and Paul were next behind Ben while Sophie was next to Emma.

Twitter “insults” reported

A FAR-RIGHT German MP was being investigated by police over alleged inflammatory comments she made on her Twitter account on New Year’s Eve, connected with the appeasement of Muslims.  Her account was temporarily suspended but she was later posting again on the site.

Car and jail breakers

FOUR people were being sought by police after breaking out of Berlin’s Plötzensee prison.  They were all part of a car workshop group who carved out a hole in the wall and then slipped under a barbed wire fence after reporting for the class as normal.

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