This week in Scandinavia - Bloody bubbly blunder

This week in Scandinavia – Bloody bubbly blunder

Bloody bubbly blunder

A MAN has been placed into an induced coma after a champagne bottle exploded between his legs on New Year’s Eve in Copenhagen as he attempted to open it.  He was injured when a shard of the shattered glass cut through an artery in his leg.

New Year blast

A NUMBER of apartments in Helsingborg, Sweden were evacuated after an explosion in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Police were called to the scene and said one person was taken to hospital with serious injuries. The blast happened in a communal area of the building.


Asylum families free

THE POLICY of keeping families at the Trandum facility after their application for asylum in Norway has been rejected and has come to an end. The change in procedure has started following a decision by the civil ombudsman that the detention centre is unsuitable for children.

Christmas fall mystery

A MAN in Norway was found on Christmas Eve, over 24 hours after he’d fallen 10 metres while out walking. The 24-year-old was reported missing at around 6pm on December 23 after the man’s sister was contact by a mutual friend who was concerned that he was late for a meeting.

Icy job figures

LOCAL areas with the highest rates of unemployment in Finland are in Lapland and North Karelia.  Lapland has a rate of 18.8 per cent, followed by Lieksa, Enontekiö, Juuka, and Tohmajärvi.  The regions with the highest rates are North Karelia with 14.5 per cent, ahead of South-Eastern Finland.

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