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Tourist hotspot councils clamping down on noise levels

BENIDORM and Torrevieja, among other popular tourist centres in Spain have for some time had noise limiters installed in discos, clubs and some bars.

Not only does the equipment limit the sound of music, it also automatically shuts it down at a specified time; usually between 4am and 4.30am.

These sound limiters are also directly linked to the town halls that are immediately aware of any major infringements.

Such a system is now in operation in Elche and the department responsible for business in the city now has almost 100 per cent control of this form of noise pollution.

There are now obligations in the hospitality and entertainment industry that require the installation of such equipment that restricts the number of decibels emitted from either live or recorded music sources.

Should any of the venues exceed the permitted levels, then a record is left on one of the dedicated computers in the town hall.

If any premises continues to go over the sound limit, then the City Council can take any appropriate action.

It also allows them to spot if any bar or club owner manipulates the equipment. It’s not only pubs and clubs that are required to have the sound limiters.

They have also been installed in gambling and gaming premises that have become louder with an increase in the number of users. Despite the new requirements and the outlay for the limiters and associated equipment estimated at around €3,000, the sector is complying with the monitoring.

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