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Two Brits among three robbed ‘at gunpoint’ near Javea cash machine

A MAN has been arrested in Javea after robbing three women, with a toy gun.

The offences took place just before Christmas as the three victims were in the process of taking money from the same cash machine at different times.

The detained man – who has a criminal record and already been sent to prison –held up the women with a gun, but at the time the victims wouldn’t have known it was a fake. His actions enabled him to get away with €220.

His first victim was a 51-year-old Swedish national who was in a bank office in Playa Arenal at 10.15pm.

She was approached by the man wearing sunglasses and a scarf covering his face, and armed with a gun. He took the €150 she’d just removed from the ATM.

However, his demands didn’t stop there as he then instructed her to take more money from her account. At this point, she let out screams, push past the man and managed to flee the scene.

Two hours later, a 50-year-od British woman was his next victim. She lost €50.

The third robbery took place at 4am when another British girl, aged 19, had her €20 taken.

All three victims reported the incidents to the Guardia Civil who began an investigation and after taking statements and looking at the bank’s CCTV footage, were able to identify him.

During a subsequent search of the man’s home, they found the clothes he wore in the three robberies that matched those seen on the CCTV.

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