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Benidorm association demands clampdown on fake goods

IT’S time to stop the proliferation of shops selling counterfeit goods! That’s the demand from the independent traders association in Benidorm (AICO).

They have asked officials at the Valencian government to combat this illegal practice that is on the increase.

They want to see more inspectors doing the rounds of the shops and for tougher penalties to be imposed on the offenders.

Speaking to Spanish media, spokesperson for AICO, Raul Parra, said that with so many different outlets allegedly selling more and more counterfeit products, the problem is now “chronic” in Benidorm.

He went to say that apart from the criminal aspect to what these traders are doing, “what is more serious is the increased harm it’s causing to our members that are selling the exact same products which are genuine and therefore being sold at a higher price.”

The association is also concerned that it’s seriously affecting the image of Benidorm, and giving it a reputation for only selling cheap, fake goods.

The traders’ group consider that not enough is being done by the National Police, the Guardia Civil in Calpe or the Local Police against the sale of counterfeit goods, although appreciate that their hands may be tied on the actions that can be taken under current laws.

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