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Benidorm unveils latest spy in the sky

LOCAL POLICE in Benidorm will shortly get more help thanks to a new drone that will operate in – or rather above – the municipality.

The law that currently controls the use of air space will need to be enhanced to permit their use, and they will be used in surveillance during the busy tourist season and at major events, such as the Low Festival and the Benidorm Half Marathon.

Benidorm was the first area in Spain to use such technology when it was trialled back in 2016 with great success when monitoring the beaches.

It also enabled the Local Police to discover a number of migrants as they attempted to land back in August of last year.

What makes the latest addition to the drone fleet special – this time at a cost of €40,000 compared to the €7,000 of the original piece of technology – is that it will be able to operate at night.

This will increase the ability of the authorities to better coordinate the work of the emergency services not only in day-to-day policing but in dealing with any incident and providing instant information of any unfolding scene.

There has been no formal start date announced for the new drone to come into operation but it’s hoped to up and running before the new summer season.

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