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British man saved by concerned neighbour in Costa Blanca

THANKS to concern shown by a worried neighbour, a British man had his life saved.

The 74-year-old – who has not yet been named – had apparently been lying on the floor of his home in Dolores for four days.

Initially, the man’s neighbour hadn’t seen him for a few days, which was unusual, and so he tried knocking on his front door and phoning him. In both cases, there was no answer or response, and so he called the Guardia Civil for help.

When the Guardia Civil, the local police and a team of firefighters from nearby Almoradi arrived on the scene, they broke down the man’s door. They discovered him lying on the floor in a very bad way and unable to move. It transpired that he’d not eaten anything for four days.

The man was taken to hospital for treatment, and at the same time the social services department in his home town of Dolores was informed and made aware of the circumstances of the case. It’s not known at this stage whether the British man fell in his home or whether he’d collapsed due to other health conditions.

Local police based in Dolores were quick to praise the spirit shown and said that this was a perfect example of why people should always keep an eye on their neighbours – especially elderly ones – and not to hesitate to call them or any police force if they become worried or concerned about someone.

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