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Casares is getting ready to celebrate Andalucia Day

THE town of Casares boaststhat the father of Andalucia,Blas Infante was born there and the council is gearing up to celebrate Andalucia Day on February 28 in a big way.

Andalucia Day is a public holiday in the area of the autonomous community although it is not a national holiday.

Starting at noon on February 28 there will be a formal presentation of flowers at the statue of Blas Infante in the Plaza de España followed by a grand celebration which will see a party with music and dancing where residents, children and visitors will get together to enjoy the day.

There will be a number of cultural events in the days priorto Andalucia Day with a special celebration on the previous Saturday and the celebration of the centenary of the Andalucian Regional Centre the day before.

Children will play an important part in the celebration, especially those attending the Blas Infante School

.Although Casares claims thatit has the historic right to be considered the heart of Andalucia Day, towns and cities allover the community will be celebrating with their own special parties and events.

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