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Costa Blanca beach bars to open for Easter this year

TO avoid a repeat of the situation last year, the Cartagena City Council is in the process of speeding up the awarding of the concessions to beach bars.

Because of a variety of delays due to legal wrangling, the municipality’s beach bars were not installed and operational until July.

For the 2018 summer licences and the renewals of authorisations, the application process has now opened and will remain so until next Friday, February 23.

The concessions will affect those looking to operate seasonal businesses such as beach bars and kiosks with their accompanying tables and chairs,and those that hire out the many sun beds, beach umbrellas.

Those hoping to run beach entertainment such as pontoons and anything boat related must also apply for official documentation.

Full details of the application process and a full list of the paperwork required for a concession can be found at the municipal website at or in any of the council offices.

If everything goes to plan, sources from the Cartagena City Council indicate that all should be completed within a month and that all the beach bars will be up and running in time for Easter; which always was the case until the hiccup of last year

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