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Costa Blanca clamps down on ‘boat parks’

PEOPLE planning to drop anchor on their small boats off part of the busy northern Costa Blanca will shortly be facing restrictions.

The Ministry of Environment has declared its intention to control the amount of boats which use the natural bay between the Arenal de Javea and the Cap D’Or de Moraira due to recent overcrowding issues.

The problem is a particular issue in areas such as Cala de la Sardinera which can attract hundreds of boats choosing the beautiful location as a temporary home in the busy summer season.

The consultation process involving interested professional parties was launched on January 23, and has closed this week, pushing the button for the public meetings to get underway.

Should the new regulations come into force next year, it won’t just be ‘parking’ that will be controlled.

It will include guidelines on the regeneration of beaches, define future fishing rights – both professional and recreational- and establish measures aimed at preventing vessels from interfering with sea creatures.

It will also bring in tougher penalties for anyone caught making illegal discharges from both land or sea.

This particular coastal section has been highlighted as being one of great natural value containing a number of protected species that the environment ministry now wish to continue to protect for future generations.

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