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Costa Blanca residents protest against ‘no morals’ government

AROUND 200 locals fromUrbanisation La Marinamade their way to the San Fulgencio Town Hall last Monday morning to show their growing frustrations with the municipality.

They were demandingthe resignation of Mayor Carlos Ramirez who, having been found guilty back in November 2017 of ‘administrative prevarication’and barred from holding public office for eigh tyears, still continues in his position.

At the time of his sentence, Ramirez resigned from the governing Partido Popular (PP) to appeal the case but decided to stay on as mayor.

The PP then gave his fellow six councillors,who continued to support him, an ultimatum.

Resign their official positions on the council and g oto the opposition to allow the forming of an alternative administration, or be expelled from the PP.

With one exception,they took the latter option and thus the government of the municipality is now in the hands of six individuals with no party loyalties.

George Scammell, secretary of the MUNA resi-dents association, said:“The current council under Carlos Ramirez has no mandate or manifesto and is answerable to no one and continues in office.

“He has no morals or scruples,but arrogantly continues inoffice.”

The situation was exacerbated recently when the council took the decision to commit €16 million over a 22-year period for a rubbish collection service; an amount of money the opposition parties and MUNA say cannot be justified in a municipality the size of San Fulgencio (7,646 registered on the padrón).

Those unable to make their own way down to the village from the urbanisation five kilometres away were transported in coaches laid on by MUNA.

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