Davis Cup is a smash hit for Marbella tourism

BIG RETURNS: Tourism revenues from the event have been excellent ©@Spain DMC

MARBELLA COUNCIL estimates that the promotional impact of the recent Davis Cup tie between Spain and Great Britain led to net revenues of around €12 million.

Hotels increased their activity by between 10 and 25 per cent during the contest, and the calculations also take into account the event’s exposure in both national and international media.

Mayor Angeles Muñoz emphasised that the city could not have paid for an advertising campaign with such an impact, and that the overall cost of hosting the competition in Marbella was less than €1.5 million.

In fact, the promotional impact of the event on the region should not be measured only during this period, but on its lasting legacy, said the mayor.

According to the council’s report, of all the tourists who visited Marbella during the days of the competition, 6,500 did so to attend the Davis Cup.

The tie also brought together more than 150 accredited national journalists across print, radio and digital media, as well as numerous broadcasters and correspondents from across the world.

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