Decolonisation of Europe

A VIDEO has emerged of former American Vice President Joe Biden disclosing that the US had to browbeat Europe’s leaders into imposing economic sanctions on Moscow in 2014.

Following the referendum that returned Crimea to Russia, America’s economic war badly hit the pockets of 510 million EU citizens.

Biden rants, “We spent so much time on the phone making sure that everyone from Hollande (France) to Renzi (Italy) wouldn’t walk away.

They wanted no part of the sanctions on Russia. We had impact on them. It was basically ‘you have got to do it’.”

Biden adds; “And thank God, Merkel was strong enough at the time to do so, reluctantly to stand with us.”

Biden was addressing The Council on Foreign Relations, a United States think tank that focuses on US foreign policy and international affairs.

The American economic war not only drove a rift between Russia and EU, but also prompted Moscow to retaliate with restrictions on imports from EU nations heavily dependent on trade with Russia.

According to the Austrian Institute of Economic Research the US inspired standoff has cost EU industry, agriculture and tourism over €30 billion and led to the loss of roughly 500,000 jobs.

Based on a war economy and $20 trillion in debt, a commentator sums up the United States.

‘If the world was a bar, America would be the angry drunk waving around a loaded gun. Yeah, the other people in the bar might be afraid of him, but they sure as hell don’t respect him.”

The US today is drifting from omnipotence to impotence. The big question is what happens to the European Union when America disintegrates.

The Goldman Sachs Euro will collapse; there will be no interest in another common currency.

Each nation will revert to its original currency, which may be painless but few believe it will be.

Ask the Russians; also former Soviet Bloc nations that endured several economic collapses. Is their past our future?

Every man for himself, the UK will vainly try to recover its betrayed former markets.

Remaining EU nations will rush to recover trade alliance with Russia.

The Visegrad Group, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic with Bulgaria, Austria and Croatia will find Russia responsive.

Humiliatingly, America’s flunkies like the Baltic States will go cap in hand to a Russia they spurned and provoked.

Liberated from Washington and Wall Street control, the peoples of Europe may find it necessary to elect a more pragmatic political leadership if they wish to resume trading with the now lucrative Russian marketplace.

One thing for certain, when the mop flops there is much to keep former European Union members occupied but thankfully it won’t be an American occupation.

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