Denia boat service sailing high

EDUCATIONAL: La Panseta increases passenger numbers by over 13 per cent ©Ferrocarril Ibérico - YouTube

THE number of passengers using the ‘La Panseta’ boat service that links the city centre of Denia with the nearby Balearia Port area has increased to 250,000.

Since the service was launched back in 2013, around 680,000 passengers have enjoyed the short trip that has helped to decongest the seafront of Denia.

In 2017, the boat made a total of 17,500 journeys between its two points – an increase of 28 per cent – and carried 13.4 per cent more people.

The boat – measuring 12 metres long and with a capacity for 60 people, is powered exclusively by solar energy thanks to the 18 solar panels installed.

Apart from being a vital transport link within the city, La Panseta has also provided both a cultural and educational platform. The Fundacio Balearia regularly organises a number of visits from schoolchildren during which the history of the port and the city of Denia itself is discovered.

Throughout 2017, 11 such educational trips took place on the La Panseta that involved around 1,000 students.

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