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Estepona Council launches public request campaign

ESTEPONA COUNCIL has launched the campaign “12 Months 12 Neighbourhoods” in order to collect requests and suggestions directly from residents, and take immediate action.

The scheme will see a travelling tent visiting the various areas as public officials focus efforts on one area at a time.

However, they are keen to stress that this will not undermine the rest of the neighbourhoods, as their public services will be maintained as normal.

Councillor for Sociocultural Services, Blas Ruzafa, said that the participation of residents and traders is “fundamental” in this project because they make “very valuable” contributions to their districts.

This scheme is not just being rolled out in urban areas, but will reach 12 residential districts on the outskirts too.

Ruzafa commented that the “12 Months 12 Neighbourhoods” project will be focused, above all, on the review and replacement of paving, curbs, traffic lights, street furniture, and the painting of pedestrian crossings.

New trees will also be planted in parks, and the Council has guaranteed that it take action on all the concerns raised by residents.

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One Reply to “Estepona Council launches public request campaign

  1. Hi Tom

    Good to see your article. I have been wondering how to contact Estepona council to improve the street lighting around Sotoserena, (near El Coto Golf), particularly along Camino de la Boladilla which is the primary walking route down to the A7 and the beach.

    The lamp posts are there but the lighting is currently non existent, and has not functioned for at least two and a half years. It is basically pitch black at night walking to or from the community, and very dangerous for anyone choosing to walk.

    Our community has asked the council to resolve but so far no progress. Any help, publicity, or contact details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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