Fuengirola approves massive €3 million budget increase

HEALTHY ACCOUNTS: Fuengirola council has money to spend ©Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

FUENGIROLA council has signed off the municipal budgets for 2018 and accounts show that it has more than €3 million of revenues extra to spend.

The total income for the council was €87.5 million and Mayor Ana Mula described the financial situation as “very stable.”

“These are good budgets for this city, which cater to the needs of the people. I have to also say that we are going to try to fulfill the proposals that the residents themselves presented in the consultation process.”

About €1.5 million has been allocated to street refurbishments, €300,000 each for park and beach improvements, and €185,000 for a new cultural installation.

The budgets were approved solely through the votes of the Popular Party.

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