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Getting to know the people behind RTN Costa del Sol

AS RTN Costa del Sol approaches its 50th edition, readers and advertisers have been particularly positive about the way in which it is fast becoming a real community newspaper.

It is not trying to be something for everyone but is concentrating on what is going on along the coast from Sotogrande to Torremolinos and because of the growing interest in the contents, it has grown in size as well.

As a free newspaper it relies upon regular advertisers booking space which then allows for the enlarged paper to carry even more interesting stories.

The owners of the title, EWN Media Group, have appointed a new team to be responsible for the RTN family and this week, we are introducing James Dix who looks after all advertising in the Costa del Sol edition.

James is a young man with a great deal of drive who moved to Spain in 2013 as a motorcycle tour guide as he wanted to experience a new lifestyle and to enjoy the weather and the people.

One of his first jobs was to teach himself Spanish and although he is improving all of the time, he is now more than happy to speak to expatriate and Spanish customers in either language.

James is gregarious and gets on well with people so he has a number of British and Spanish friends here who are helping him to immerse himself in the local community.

As a fairly adventurous type, in his spare time, he loves to go hiking in the mountains and has just taken up kite surfing.

Whilst it may have seemed to be a strange move from being involved in the motor trade to working for a newspaper, he decided that he needed to take a different career path and this type of job seemed to suit his penchant for meeting different people and his friendly attitude is certainly helping him to obtain new clients.

Although a salesman, he is not pushy but enjoys getting to know his clients and discussing their needs as far as advertising is concerned.

He likes to understand advertiser’s target markets and to make sure that they go into the right section with the right size advert.

If you would like to discuss your advertising needs in this fast growing community paper, contact James at jamesdix@rtnnews, visit or call him on 952 386 161 or 722 711 415.

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