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Javea road tragedy speeds council into action

THE RTN reported back in early January  on an accident at a pedestrian crossing in Javea that saw a Russian woman and her dog being killed as they crossed the busy Avenida Juan Carlos I.

The City Council has already acted in the aftermath of the tragic deaths and has installed four speed bumps between three crossings along that stretch of road.

In addition, road signs warning of the control measures have been erected to warn approaching drivers. Despite the good intentions of the municipality, the speed bumps have already caused some consternation on many social media platforms, with some seeing the restrictions as being harmful to car suspensions.

The maximum permitted speed along the affected section of road is 30kph, although it’s not uncommon to see some drivers far exceeding that limit.

Local residents, whilst welcoming the new speed bumps, still say that not enough is being done to make the road safer.

They continue to complain about the poor lighting which often cuts out during heavy rain, as well as the cars that continue to double park near to pedestrian crossings, thus reducing visibility.

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