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Malaga soldier in sexual abuse storm gets psychological help

THE female soldier who recently reported two charges of sexual assault against her has asked the army for psychological help.

This has been confirmed by the Ministry of Defence and comes in the wake of the media uproar that has followed the revelations.

The incidents allegedly happened in the barracks of Bobadilla, with one reportedly involving a group of soldiers after the woman was drugged with narcotics.

She is currently maintaining a direct and regular contact with her commander, who encouraged her to tell him what happened at the police station.

Her lawyer has explained that the morning after the alleged group assault, the soldier was surprised to find semen stains in her stockings along with an unusual headache that ‘had nothing to do with a hangover.’

The commander immediately activated the protocol of action against sexual harassment, and the woman was offered medical, legal and psychological assistance, which she initially declined.

However, she has now accepted and been provided with psychological help, and having rejected the offer of a change in air base, she will be taking a holiday on full salary.

The perpetrators of the attacks have not yet been identified although the investigation is ongoing.

DNA samples have now been taken from nine of the soldiers in the Bobadilla barracks.

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