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‘Millions of euros have fallen from the sky’ say Alicante farmers

THAT’S the claim that’s been shouted from the parched fields of crops as a result of the recent rain and, in some cases, even the cold temperatures.

The amount of water that fell over the past week has eased the worries of the farmers that have suffered drought conditions that have severely affected their crop production. It’s also helped their pockets as they’ve been previously paying for water that has now fallen from the sky for free. Overall production costs have thus been reduced overnight.

A combination of the rains at the end of January and the beginning of February has eased the water shortages and made a significant contribution to the reservoirs in the Alicante province.   In addition, the low temperatures actually favour the flowering of fruit and almond trees and so can survive in full bloom if any frosts arrive in late February of early March.

The drought conditions have taken more than 1,000 hectares of vegetables in the Vega Baja area alone and losses in excess of two million kilos from the Camp d’Elx.

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