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Mother ‘too tired’ to report missing son in Torrevieja

A BRITISH woman has been charged with child neglect by police after taking 14 hours to report her missing three-year-old son.

She allegedly knew that her boy went missing, but nevertheless still went out drinking for the night in Torrevieja, returned to bed and then called the police on the following morning.

Reports say that the toddler was clad only in pyjamas and socks – no shoes – when he simply vanished while he was out for a walk with his mother along Torrevieja’s sea front.

As he was so young, he had no form of identification on him, and so even if he had been found nobody would know who he was or where he came from.

However, he was eventually found wandering around and taken to the Local Police station, where it was discovered that there had been no 112 emergency calls made to report a missing child.

His mother turned up around 14 hours later after spending a night drinking with friends. The woman, whose name has not been made public, said she assumed that the police would have found her son, kept an eye on him, and he would be in safe hands until she arrived at the station to collect him.

When asked by police why she hadn’t reported her boy missing earlier, she allegedly said she was ‘too tired’ to make the necessary enquiries.

It’s not known if the boy has been returned to his mother, or whether he has been placed in care until another member of his family can be traced to look after him.

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