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Murcia Hospital announces operation targets

OFFICIALS from the Murcia regional government have set a four month target to have all the operating theatres up and running at the Hospital del Rosell in Cartagena.

The Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, said that this will allow them to meet their goal that by the end of 2018, nobody should be waiting more than 150 days to be operated on.

He made this announcement during a visit to the Pasea Alfonso 13th centre to meet the new hospital management team, and said that the first step would be to open all the operating theatres within four months to reduce the waiting lists, which are the highest in the entire region.

However, the main problem at the moment is the shortage of anaesthetists, otherwise the plans would already be up and running.

Therefore, the plan is to wait for people that are in their last year of studies to join the hospital team between May and June and this would enable the theatres to be fully staffed.

Villegas also explained that another objective of the department will be to have a High Resolution Centre (CIAR) that will allow specialists to carry out a diagnosis, and discuss any subsequent treatments in a single visit; something that previously would have required a number of separate appointments over a series of weeks or even months.

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