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Over 250 incidents due to gales in Malaga Province

STRONG winds in the recent storm led to over 250 separate incidents,said the emergency services.

The state meteorology agency(AEMET) measured a wind speed of 94 km/h and raised the severe weather warning from yellow to amber, for gales and rough seas.

In one of the most serious cases, a 67-year-old foreign woman was blown off her bicycle into a lamp post on the seafront near the Sacaba Beach roundabout.

The woman was rushed to Carlos Haya hospital in an ambulance with serious head injuries.

However, the majority of the incidents in Malaga Province were fallen branches and lamp-posts causing damage to buildings and cars.

Part of the wall around the play-ground of the Garcia Lorca primary school was blown down, falling onto a car on the next street.

A man was injured in Fuengirola after being hit on the head by the lid of a water tank which was blown loose by the wind.

The fire services responded to a number of incidents in the town, including the collapse of a wall onto a van in Los Boliches

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