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Pet dog is new lead in search for missing Costa del Sol man

THE pet dog of the missing man in Torremolinos, Antonio Ortega, has become a valuable assistant in the continuing search.

The animal was found on Sunday and showed symptoms of malnutrition along with injuries to his legs and snout.

Mr Ortega’s whereabouts have been unknown since January 22, and he was seen for the last time when he took his dog for a walk that morning.

Smuki the pet was found near the Churriana tunnel, an area where several searches have already been carried out without success.

The National Police are working with Smuki in attempts to gather clues about Mr Ortega, who needs medication.

The Emergency Group of Andalucia is helping with the operation and the National Police are employing tracking techniques which also involve the Fire and Environment departments and volunteers.

Coordination tasks and meetings between different operatives are being carried out in the control centre of the Churriana tunnel.

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