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Police smash drug smuggling ring in Alicante

AFTER several weeks of investigation, National Police in Alicante have dismantled an organisation allegedly dedicated to drug trafficking.

Five people were arrested in Valencia – three men and two women aged between 28 and 49 – who were part of a criminal gang suspected of importing large quantities of cocaine from South America.

The investigation was started by a specialist drugs section of the National Police in Elche back in November last year when they received intelligence to suggest an individual was dealing in large scale trafficking in the Alicante, Albacete, Valencia and Murcia provinces.

Following a few weeks of investigation the police realised they were dealing with a professional organisation as they looked at their modus operandi.   It was found that they picked up the drugs from a set point and then transported it in a number of complex secret compartments in vehicles to avoid detection.

Police were then led to homes in the Valencia province where they discovered 24 kilograms of narcotics and €120,000 in cash. In addition, sophisticated weighing equipment and a number of high-end cars were found on various premises.

Among those arrested is a port worker with a history of drug trafficking from Valencia that allegedly allowed the illegal entry of the substances in the first instance.

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