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Repair work in Villajoyosa denied due to bird nests

RESIDENTS and businesses located in the old town of Villajoyosa looking to replace or rebuild their roofs will be denied permission in future due to the habits of the local bird population.

The restrictions aren’t permanent, however, and will only be enforced during the nesting season of swallows and swifts in particular that arrive in Villajoyosa between April and July and the start of the warmer weather.

This is also one of the busy periods for work being carried out on some of the roofs in the vicinity and, until now, has ended up destroying nests and the eggs on occasions.

To prevent this from happening in the future, a local association that cares for the old part of the town has submitted a proposal to the council requesting that they suspend building licences for the replacement of roofs during the nesting period.

The intention is two-fold. On the one hand, it offers greater protection to the birds and on the other avoids builders facing high fines for their accidental destruction of the wildlife which can range from between €5,001 to €200,000.

Swallows are well-known for building nests in the eaves and swifts under roof tiles, and are both regularly seen in Villajoyosa, returning every year.

Many residents see the preservation of their flying visitors more than worthwhile as they keep down the mosquito and other insect populations as they form part of their diet.

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