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Suspected terrorist arrested in Elche

IT has been revealed by the Guardia Civil that a Spanish citizen has been detained in Elche accused of promoting Daesh.

The individual who had not left his house for the past 10 years and was said to be estranged from his family took to the internet to praise the activities of Daesh.

He mocked the victims of the Barcelona bombings and considered those who had attacked them as heroes and martyrs of the Islamic Jihad

The 30-year-old is accused of spreading terrorist propaganda, stating in one message “God bless Allah, kill all the crusaders of this blessed planet. The end of the infidels goes by leaps and bounds. ”

In addition, he mocked those who “lost their legs” in one of the bombings in London, considered “heroes” all those who join the “Jihad against the Western Crusaders” and applauded the terrorist attacks “against the corrupt Crossed state “.

All of this outpouring of support for Daesh was intercepted by the cyber security division of the Guardia Civil which discovered that the man had left school at 16 and had never worked.

When the officers went to arrest him, they saw that because he had taken so little exercise that he had suffered muscle wastage and had difficulty in walking but this did not affect his ability to show his contempt for the arresting officers and the Spanish state.

It is also reported that he expressed no regret for the consequences of his actions.

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