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Two arrested in Elche for selling fake €50 notes

NATIONAL POLICE officers in Elche have arrested two men – an Italian and a Spanish national – caught in possession of a number of counterfeit notes.

The two, aged 38 and 52 respectively, were caught after a short monitoring operation by the dedicated Citizen Security Brigade based in the city.

The police began following a man that had previously been brought to their attention for his suspicious behaviour, who then met up with another man and appeared to exchange something with him.

Officers immediately intervened and after establishing the identity of the men discovered nine fake €50 notes and three genuine €20 notes in one of their pockets. Despite the high quality of the print, it was the standard of some of the security measures on the banknotes that led them to believe they were counterfeited.

The man detained confessed that he’d brought the fake €50 notes from Italy and had done a deal with the other man to sell them for €15 each. The police then searched the man’s car and found another 16 €50 notes in a suitcase and ready for sale.

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