Two businesses in Javea are latest victims in string of robberies

WAVE: Two overnight robberies in the Plaza de la Marina area ©JuanBanjo Wikimedia

THE recent wave of robberies in Javea has continued with two more bars suffering from attacks.

On this occasion, the robbers – who have caused a great deal of alarm throughout the municipality – have stolen cash registers.

In the early hours of last Saturday morning, two businesses in Javea, one of them in the Plaza de La Marina Alta and another in front of the health centre had their doors broken down, and saw the thieves make their way straight to the cash tills.

During both robberies, they showed no regard for the fact that both bars had security cameras operating and alarms that were set off.

According to reports, the first attack took place at 3.30am after a neighbour was awoken by a loud noise, caused by the thieves using the stone base of an umbrella found on a nearby patio. Despite the bar having armoured glass that was 18 millimetres thick, the thieves still managed to get in and rip out the till…which contained just €80.

Realising they hadn’t got enough money from the first raid; they then picked on another bar close by. This time, they cut through the metal grills and stole the cash register, but were observed by CCTV cameras for the second time in one night.

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