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Benidorm to clamp down on delivery rules

BENIDORM’S City Council has put a stop to those delivery lorries that ignore the rules on distribution.

The current regulations allow businesses along the front line of the beach or in the pedestrianised zones to receive deliveries between 7am and 10.30am, and even then those vehicles have to register and get official authorisation for access.

However, it appears that a number are blatantly not complying with the formal timetables and Benidorm Council has now sent a letter to a number of hotel and transport associations to remind them of the agreed hours.

This allows tourists to safely make their way around the city, especially along Playa Levante and in the popular ‘walking streets’ in the Old Town, and the times will be further enforced as the summer season gets underway.

The latest trend is for lorries and vans to arrive after the 10.30am cut-off point, and even stay in the area of Avenida Alcoy and Avenida Madrid, and thus end up being fined for breaching the rules.

According to reports in the Spanish media, the campaign isn’t aimed so much at the delivery companies, but at the establishments in the affected areas that are often closed for much of the allotted time and forcing the trucks to return later than the agreed time limit.

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