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Costa Blanca farm workers arrested for stealing €200,000 worth of material

WORKING under the cover of ‘Operation ROCHERO’, members of the Guardia Civil across the Murcia Region have arrested three people for stealing significant amounts of farming materials.

A total of 23 tons had slowly disappeared over a period of time, valued at exceeding €200,000, and two of those arrested were employed by the owner of the Cartagena-based company that reported the thefts.  Most of the stolen equipment has since been recovered and returned.

The operation began after receiving reports from a company in the agriculture sector in Cartagena after a series of robberies committed over a number of years.  The investigation was left in the hands of the specialist ROCA team – who deal with crimes in the farming industry – who began to gather information from the company about exactly what had been stolen.   The long list included small and large plastic containers, wooden pallets, cardboard storage boxes, and a significant number of pipes, hoses and other packaging equipment.

As the investigations proceeded, they realised that two of the company’s employees were probably responsible for the robberies after discovering that they had sold the stolen items to recycling centres or scrapyards.

Once all the evidence had been gathered, the Guardia Civil arrested the two suspects behind the thefts.  In addition, another man was detained – believed to be the manager of the scrapyard – in connection with knowingly receiving stolen goods.

The three arrested men – all of Spanish nationality aged between 36 and 53 – are residents of both Cartagena and La Union and are now all subject to legal procedures.

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