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Costa Blanca gang behind fifty crimes apprehended

SIX members of a gang have been arrested by officers of the Guardia Civil in connection with almost 50 crimes in Elche, Crevillente and Aspe.

The group, consisting of five men and a woman aged between 20 and 35-years-old and all of Moroccan nationality, allegedly specialised in thefts from homes across a number of areas as well as stealing drugs from rival gangs.   In total, they are associated with 44 crimes of robbery with force, two with violence and intimidation, two of drug trafficking and one of belonging to a criminal organisation.  Four of the six have already been sent to prison pending further judicial procedures.

Investigations into this case by the Guardia Civil began back in November 2017 aimed at disbanding a group of young people – many little more than 20-years-old and some with a history of such crimes – who were carrying out a series of robberies.  They all became friends after visiting the same gambling establishments and decided the easiest way to get money to fund their habit was to steal and sell on the booty for cash.  They used the gaming venue as their meeting point from where they all left together in a car – stolen in a previous robbery – and moved into the rural areas to rob a number of houses.

Much of the stolen equipment was found in a home in Aspe where four vehicles were seized alongside televisions, mobile phones, 500 grams of hashish and €1,000 in cash.

In another find at a warehouse 3,096 marijuana plants were confiscated which had a potential street value of €1 million.

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