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Costa Blanca pupils and staff trapped after Sierra Nevada snowstorm

FORTY-NINE students and four teachers from the IES Historista Chabas in Denia became trapped in their shelter during a visit to the Sierra Nevada thanks to a very heavy snowstorm.

The blizzard made the road that leads up to their centre impassable and in the process buried a number of cars and other vehicles.

Some of the snow even reached the first floor of the building; in fact, up to three metres of snow had fallen and forced the students and staff to get out the shovels and try to dig out the cars.

Speaking to the Spanish media, one of the teachers said: “We have plenty of food and drink and everyone is fit and well. The snowfall was impressive!”

He went on to explain that with the road cut off they don’t know when they’ll be able to leave their base.

However, snow ploughs were already on the scene and with the sun beaming down on Wednesday, they hoped to be able to get out in time for their return to Denia scheduled for today (Friday).

The group had travelled to the ski resort in the Granada Province for their once-a-year trip that takes advantage of the snow and low temperatures to carry out a number of exercises and special outward-bound training.

This year’s storm caught everyone by surprise and was described as ‘hellish,’ although a spokesperson said that it’s been the best year in terms of conditions to enable the various activities to be carried out.

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