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Costa del Sol town launches registration campaign

FUENGIROLA COUNCIL has launched a campaign to promote the registration of residents in the town.

Councillor for Domestic Administration, Isabel Gonzalez, has emphasised the advantages of officially updating personal data, both for the town and for the residents themselves.

She highlighted ways in which the public can save money by making sure they are informed about taxation i.e. Real Estate Tax, and Rate of Environmental Management of Waste (GEMER).

Ms Gonzalez also pointed the public towards courses, workshops, university transport scholarships, sports activities and trips away as opportunities to embrace.

“For all these reasons we are explaining how important it is for those residing in our town to be registered,” she said.

“The number of registered inhabitants has a direct impact on the income that towns receive from the state, and this funding enables us to offer more and better services.”

Ms Gonzalez added that the electronic tools that the council now offers through its website will make communication with residents much easier.

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