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Council gets to root of tree problem

TORREMOLINOS COUNCIL is pledging to tackle the worrying problem of tree roots destroying pavements and piping.

An external company has been commissioned to develop a Management Plan for Urban Trees, which will record the various species in the town and the risks that they represent to public infrastructure.

Councillor for the Environment, Cesar Carrasco, said: “Every day we have to fix broken pavements or pipes, as well as the mess that fruits make on the streets.

“It is clear that the size of the trees and their roots are not appropriate and this plan will identify both the problems and the solutions to address them.”

The works are expected to be completed within three months, according to the urban tree management plan, and will be undertaken by Malaga company Savia Ingtecnova SL.

The plan will also make decisions on whether some species of trees should be removed altogether from the area, given their damage to pavements, sewage, sanitation networks or telecommunications.

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