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Council under fire for dormant museum

THE building that was supposed to house the main museum in the Plaza Picasso, Torremolinos, remains closed and unfinished.

Opposition parties have criticised the council’s inability to address the problem, calling it a “symbol” of the administration’s malaise.

More than €7 million of public funds have already been invested in the 4,000 square metre property and yet it has been empty for three years.

It had been one of the most acclaimed projects in recent times, but the council has been unable to find further resources to complete the restoration work.

A key stumbling block was the decision of the Culture Department of the Junta de Andalucia to not include it in its Register of Museums in 2015.

The stalled project costs the council €513,000 each year in loan repayments and Mayor Jose Ortiz has ruled out the use of the building as a museum, despite not proposing an alternative.

Weeds and construction sites have sprung up around the building, which has become a damaging image for the council.

It is estimated that a further €2 million of investment would be needed to complete the works, excluding the added costs of maintenance, insurance and personnel, something which the council is refusing to sanction in the current climate.

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