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Denia beaches are disappearing

IT’S taken just four months for the Playa Les Deveses in Denia to disappear.

Both the municipality and a number of experts predicted back in November 2017 that the regeneration of the beach that took place at that time would not make it through the winter.

Those beliefs have proved correct with more than 8,000 cubic metres of sand was dumped on the beach at that time by the Costas of the Alicante Province, and they were warned then that such effort to rejuvenate the sand was futile.

As Councillor Josep Crespo said when those works took place, “The storms will come and the sand will be taken away again.”

Mayor Vicent Grimalt backed up those comments. “We warned the Costas that if they regenerated the beach, the first major storm would destroy it and we would be back to square one.”

According to Councillor Crespo who was speaking to the Spanish press, it was accepted at the time that it was simply throwing money at the problem and nothing else.

“Some of the waves have hit the houses along the front line recently, even though the storms haven’t been as strong as last year,” he said.

One of the immediate concerns is that with the expected influx of tourists for the Easter period, there will hardly be any beach for them to enjoy some sunbathing.

In the meantime, measures aimed at looking for long-term and permanent solutions – such as the installation of breakwaters – continue.

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