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Expat stabbed in horrific home attack in southern Spain

OFFICERS of the National Police are investigating an assault on a 37 year-old Irishman who was stabbed and beaten in his own home in Benalmadena.

Having suffered multiple stab wounds and a severe head injury, the man is now in a stable condition in Xanit hospital.

The incident happened shortly before 10.30pm on Wednesday evening, in the basement of the victim’s house in Torremuelle.

His wife arrived at the scene to find him in a pool of blood, and immediately sought the help of a female friend to help transfer him to hospital.

The man was urgently treated by physicians for his injuries, and the hospital activated a protocol to notify the Benalmadena police force to investigate the case.

Officers visited the emergency room and interviewed the victim’s wife to learn more details of what happened.

Although initial inquiries indicate it was a violent robbery, the local police are ruling no theories out at this stage.

Some neighbours reportedly saw a white van moving away from the house in the corresponding timeframe of the attack.

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