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Farm dog attacker arrested in Costa Blanca

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested a man in Ondara for robbery and for animal cruelty.

The 46-year-old Spaniard is suspected of being behind seven robberies from the same farm in the space of less than a month.

It was during the first time that he climbed over the fence with the aim of stealing avocados, and in the process attacked a dog on the premises.

His seven separate and uninvited trips to the farm resulted in a total of 250 kilos of avocados being stolen, valued at €500.

The ROCA team in Calpe, dedicated to investigating farm-related thefts, were first made aware that 50 kilos of avocados had been stolen from the Ondara farm.

Whoever stole them had not only destroyed many of the trees that he ripped the fruit from, but also gave the dog who tried to stop him a severe beating.

Such were his injuries that the vet ended up treating him for a ruptured fibula on a back leg, and it allegedly took many weeks for the animal to get back to a normal food routine or even wanting to leave the safety of the house.

After the first incident, the farm owner installed CCTV in case there was a repeat, and on the same day they were set up a middle-aged man was spotted wandering around the farm with a plastic bag.

Guardia Civil investigators, now with an image, spoke to a number of local stores who recognised the man as one who tried to sell avocados on several occasions.

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  1. How are the ‘pea men’ able to openly defraud people without consequence of the law & police authority ? It appears that they have become part of the Benidorm experience.

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