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Floods on the way…

THE endless and repetitive coverage of the Brexit process was knocked off the front pages and down the running order of the TV and radio coverage by the weather.

Sightings of polar bears on the M62 motorway were discounted as an exaggeration. Though the Scottish did claim that their storm was a devolved storm and had no connection with the weather exported from Siberia and hammering across all of Europe.

Ireland went to the pub and closed everything else including Dublin airport which looked more like Tromso, northern Norway, than Ireland’s capital. Some three or four feet of snow arriving courtesy of the Portuguese named storm Emma.

Weather forecasting is now so much improved that the railways in the UK do not cancel trains after the wrong type of snow has arrived, instead the trains are cancelled before the snow has arrived.

Progress, I suppose.

A gap in the roof at one of London’s main train termini Paddington closed the entire station as the snow refroze along the platforms creating ice rinks for the passengers to slide upon.

Other technological progress was highlighted by all the TV stations moving their weather presenters to the roof or outside anyway. I am not sure why, though I am certain that they are now pleased to be allowed back into a warm studio.

TV presenters generally found themselves standing in more or less random locations battered by wind and snow informing the viewer to stay home and close to the couch. Most accepted the advice and the shopping streets emptied. London’s restaurateurs complaining that these warnings were causing diners to go straight home to the suburbs rather than staying in the city for dinner with friends and colleagues.

The High Street set itself up for Spring, which officially starts on 1 March as decided by the Metrological Office, fashions and accessories are in the main anticipating warmer times. Scarfs, gloves and warm hats? No chance. If you are looking for a new bikini you would be in luck.

Though global warming appears to be taking a break farmers never do.

A fruit grower, Springfield Nursery in Cowbridge , Vale of Glamorgan has broken the record for the earliest strawberries ever picked in Britain. So while the ice age heaves over the horizon farmers are supplying fresh ‘home grown’ strawberries to shops in Bridgend! Amazing.

We know the snow emergency is ending; warnings are now for floods.

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