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Georgians arrested at Murcia-San Javier Airport in fake ID operation

THANKS to an ongoing investigation, since the start of this year 14 people of Georgian nationality have been arrested at Murcia-San Javier Airport with fake documentation.

In addition, a man accused of being their alleged trafficker – from Latvia – has also been detained.

According to the National Police who spoke with Spanish media, an investigation had been going on for some time into a suspected criminal organisation that deal in bringing people from Georgia into the country.

As a rule, they use Madrid- Barajas and El Prat-Barcelona airports for their operation. After being established in the country for a short while, the people are moved around to a number of different locations across Spain and placed into hotels.

Once there, they’re given fake ID and passports from Eastern European countries which enable them to travel freely to other European Union countries; it’s understood that both Ireland and the UK are among the most popular final destinations.

The successful operation has been as a result of close coordination between the National Police at the Murcia-San Javier Airport immigration point and a number of different airlines.

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