International drug traffickers smashed by police in Spain

INTERCEPTED: Murcia National Police checkpoint nets drugs (File image) ©National Police

NATIONAL POLICE have dismantled a suspected international group of alleged drug traffickers in Malaga Province that are believed to have been operating between Spain and a number of other European countries. 

There modus operandi was to use what has been described as the ‘Go Fast’ system of transporting the narcotics.  This involves the drugs being transported in a small convoy of vehicles, with one containing the illegal substances while the other escort car goes ahead to check for possible police patrols further along their route.

One of the vehicles involved, a van, was intercepted along with two occupants in Murcia when it was found to be loaded with 1,710 kilos of hashish and 20 kilos of marijuana.

Overall, this dedicated operation against drug trafficking has so far seized 2,760 kilos of hashish, the 20 kilos of marijuana, €17,000 in cash.  Four vehicles have also been impounded.

A total of eight Spanish and French men aged between 22 and 54 have been arrested, not only for suspected drug trafficking but possessing fake documents and for the offence of belonging to a criminal gang.

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