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Man stabbed in Torremolinos ‘over political beliefs’

TWO members of a radical political group associated with the extreme left have been arrested by the National Police for an alleged knife attack.

The detainees, aged 19 and 26, were at a supermarket in Torremolinos when they reportedly assaulted another young man who is believed to be of a different political persuasion.

Sources indicate that the men had used offensive language against the victim, including death threats, before brandishing several knives.

One of the suspects already had a banning order against the possession of weapons, as well as a further conviction.

The victim suffered two wounds to his left arm before the assailants fled in a vehicle, though they were arrested moments later at a police checkpoint on Avenida de la Libertad.

According to information obtained during the investigation, the detainees and the victim knew each other and had heated arguments on social media.

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