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Marbella authorities urged to take heads out of sand

THE recent storm meant that the sea engulfed nearly three metres of the sand dunes in Marbella, and significantly eroded the Las Chapas beach.

In fact this year’s storm is one of the strongest to have hit Marbella since records began.

The force of the gales and rain across the Costa del Sol left a trail of damage in their wake, and waves reached the walls of some houses.

Produnas, a non-profit organisation with three decades of experience in protecting the Ecological Reserve, laments that the region had not fully recovered from the storm of December 2016.

New ways of coping with similar incidents in future are being investigated, with different ideas being proposed.

In 2016, the national government’s Environment Ministry approved its Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the coast, with the aim of mitigating the effects of global warming.

However, studies have not yet covered the Costa del Sol, and the eastern side in particular is growing in concern.

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