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Murcia bus driver carrying children caught ‘almost double’ over the limit

THE Guardia Civil of Murcia has arrested the driver of a bus of 54 schoolchildren who was found to have almost double the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream.

A warning was sent by local police to the Civil Traffic Operations Centre, in the Campos del Rio area, on Monday.

Three school buses has reportedly departed from the area of the Lost Valley in Alberca-Murcia, and several witnesses claimed that one of the drivers had been drinking.

Two patrols of the Guardia Civil were able to locate the bus on the RM-15 motorway and ordered the driver to go straight to the Venta Alegria Services.

Once off the road the 38 year-old Spaniard was subjected to mandatory blood tests which proved that he was virtually at double the maximum level of alcohol allowed.

The driver had been transporting 54 schoolchildren (and four adults) aged between three and four years old, and faces a fine of €500 and the loss of four points on his driving licence.

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