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Squatters force Costa Blanca resident to sleep in his van

A RESIDENT of Polop that had spent two years away from the area returned to find squatters in his house.  As a result, he had to sleep in his own van.

Francisco Lopez had been in Barcelona for just short of two years looking after his elderly and sick mother.  He’d locked up his property planning to return when she was better and resume his work as a chef.  However, when he came back last week he found he was unable to access his property as both the gate and his front door had had the locks changed.

After spotting a light on he peered through a window and saw people living in the property, although using different furniture than what he’d left behind two years previous.

He immediately called the Local Police but although they tried to talk to the squatters they said that they were going nowhere and “you take us to court!”  The owner was also allegedly threatened with a gun and was told that he would be killed.  For that evening, Mr Lopez parked his van outside the Local Police station for his own safety.

The problem Mr Lopez has is that the paperwork to prove he is the legal and rightful owner of the property is inside the house… and he can’t access it.  In these cases, squatters have rights and the case is in the hands of the legal system.

Even though Mr Lopez is attempting to get copies of documents to prove he’s the owner, it’s understood that this case will take some months to resolve.  In the meantime, he is looking for somewhere else to live rather than his van.

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