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‘Pest from the East’ may return for Easter

FOR many years in Britain we have been stridently warned global warming is a real and present danger so it’s a bit dispiriting to look out of the window and see snow falling.


A view from pretty much any window across the UK is of snow and ice.

The “Beast from the East” popped over the horizon a few weeks ago and left leaving minor flooding in its wake.

Though the recent reprise was more a “Pest from the East” than a Beast.

Still, though airports are disrupted the roads and railways struggle, but soldier on.

A few high-level roads were blocked as much by stalled and abandoned vehicles as by drifts of snow.

Football and even rugby were unaffected though England promised much this year but delivered little in the Six Nations campaign.

Still, the games were played and supporters had a great time.

Even though the view of the action on the field was affected by the occasional blizzard of snow blasting across the field. Supporters turned out and sports stadia across the country carried on regardless.

Though an acquaintance of mine, a veteran golfer, did stay indoors rather than ‘stand in a blizzard  to throw golf balls away.’ He had a fair point driving golf balls down the fairway into the gloom may be fun but rather expensive too.

Of course, the weather across Europe has been challenging and yet we hear very little of what is happening in Spain or Poland for that matter. Our fascination with our own every changeable weather remains as ever very insular.

Some school children have the benefit of a Snow Day so toboggans and sleighs that usually emerge just once a decade have been used for days at a time over the last month.  Not only for children to rush down the nearest slope but also for mums to drag the shopping home along icy pavements.

As the snow melts perhaps on this occasion those who abandoned broken plastic toboggans a few weeks ago will take the pieces home rather than leave the wreckage to emerge with the thaw across slopes.

The central heating has been turned up the search for flights to sunnier climes and hotels has gathered pace.

Indeed schools start to break for the Easter holiday over the next weeks.

Two worrying thoughts, what’s the weather in Spain like and is the ‘Pest from the East’ coming back for Easter?

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