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Police catch online fraudsters behind €300,000 scam

NATIONAL POLICE operating from Alicante have caught a number of people behind two unrelated scams worth €300,000.

There were two separate investigations after a number of people reported their experiences to the authorities.

The first operation resulted in two individuals being arrested for swindling people out of €150,000 after selling them top of the range professional cameras online that never reached them.

In the second case, a man has already been imprisoned for cheating clients out of €145,000 after managing to convince them to buy non-existent property, also via the internet.

The modus operandi of the first two detained was uncovered after meticulous work from the National Police, that saw them investigating across a number of different online sales portals.

They offered professional photographic equipment for sale by contacting potential buyers and even sent them invoices to prove they were a legitimate company.

Once ‘sent’, the customers were given a fake tracking number for their order but the goods never arrived.

These scams saw them net €154,880. The operation to catch the property-related crook came after an investigation that lasted several months and eventually traced, identified and arrested the alleged fraudster who scammed €147,400.

The defendant used his position in the company to convince clients that there were financial benefits from acquiring, and thus investing in property belonging to companies that had filed for bankruptcy.

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