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Police save suicidal man on Costa del Sol roof edge

OFFICERS of the National Police have saved the life of a man who tried to throw himself from the roof of a building in Fuengirola.

The 31 year-old from Senegal was apprehended on Calle Camino de la Cantera, on midday on Tuesday.

He had failed to obey a restraining order against him involving a woman, and had fled from police when he went to a prohibited area.

The man was in a heightened state of aggression and hysteria, threatening to throw himself off the building when the police approached.

In the circumstances the officers kept their distance and tried to calm him down for 20 minutes.

At one point the man sat on the edge of the roof and seemingly began to pray, before dropping off the edge and hanging on with his hands.

The policemen then rushed towards him and managed to pull him to safety just in time.

The man was taken for medical treatment before being arrested for breaching his restraining order.

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